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One To One Coaching & Guidance

You’ll receive dedicated guidance from your personal coach who will oversee your whole J13 journey.  Through training and nutrition they’ll support you every step to your long term goals.

Personalised Training

Everyone’s training requirements are different.  Your personal coach will match you up with the right sessions to make sure your training schedule fits your needs and is geared towards the results you want.

Expert Coaching

You’ll work with the same world class coaches day in day out.  Our small group setting means you’ll receive the same attention to detail as a personal training session as you progress and grow under their guidance.

Motivational Training Environment

Fun, welcoming, supportive, inspiring.  Gone are the days of being intimidated or bored in the gym.  We’ve created a gym that turns the traditional model on its head to get the results you want while truly loving the process.  You won’t just go to the gym, you’ll be part of it!


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