Our Group Training membership provides access to a structured, varied, and proven program delivered by our coaches in every session.  You’ll improve across all components of fitness, learn new skills, and continue to progress throughout your time with us.  All of our sessions are adaptable to all abilities to ensure your progress is at a pace that is right for you. 

Here’s what to expect from the variety of classes included in your Group Training membership:

fit -

Our main FIT program focuses on performance improvements across all fitness components through a balance of strength and skill work alongside high-intensity workouts.  No two sessions are ever the same, and through a mixture of bodyweight movements and weight training, you will learn to lift safely, achieve greater fitness levels than ever before, and do things you never thought your body was capable of.

engine -

Develop your stamina and overall work capacity in our ENGINE class.  Achieve great improvements to cardiovascular and muscular endurance without the monotony of endless long-distance running.  A longer duration workout that breaks up traditional cardio movements with low skill, high rep resistance work.

strong -

Strength focused sessions incorporating odd object and event style lifting.  Our STRONG class is a fun way to apply your new-found fitness in ways you wouldn’t normally get a chance to.  Tyre flips, sandbag tosses, farmer carries, and lots more, means building strength will never be boring while giving you an insight into the amazing feats of professional strong men and women.


Our muscle hypertrophy BUILD class incorporates traditional bodybuilding type training along with isolation movements.  The clue is in the title as this session is about building muscle size.  But that’s not all – it’s great for strengthening around joints which will transfer over into the more functional style of other classes.

J13 Fitness is built upon a shared vision that your health and fitness should be our number one priority. No longer is top-level coaching, personalised nutrition support and the latest technology for tracking progress and performance reserved only for top athletes.

We aim to offer a gym experience like no other that provides real, everyday people like you with the expert guidance you need to achieve unrivalled results.

Enjoyment is also at the very heart of what we do. Gone are the days of being intimidated or bored in a gym environment. We’ve created a gym that is designed for everyone and built a supportive community that welcomes anyone with a fitness goal no matter what level they’re at.

We’re convinced that once you’ve sampled life as a J13 member you’ll want to stay, so why not start with 30 days commitment free.

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