How would you describe Group Training to someone who’s unsure what to expect?

Group training is a welcoming environment. It’s more like a community that doesn’t care what shape your in, whether you have disabilities, what race, sex, or gender you are.
Forget any youtube videos you’ve seen with high-end athletes, ANYONE can do group training, the encouragement and feeling you get with training with others is amazing.

What’s the difference between training in a commercial gym environment and training at a facility like J13 Fitness?

The group training environment gives you structure. Every class is varied and covers all parts of fitness including cardio, gymnastics, weight training, all adaptable to your ability to improve overall fitness. Commercial gyms leave you to train on your own, under self-motivation, the J13 environment GIVES you the motivation.

You’ve worked with our coaches for a few years. How would you describe their style of coaching?

Personal and approachable. Extremely knowledgeable and factor everything into you personally as part of the training sessions. They don’t just run training sessions, they will advise of nutrition, injuries and injury recovery, health, and well-being.

They become friends, get to know you, your family. They know what gives you drive and motivation, you will never get this level of commitment from a commercial gym, It becomes like a fitness family.

What results have you seen since beginning this type of training?

I started Running in 2010 after a health scare, Ran 10K’s and Half marathons, I thought I was fit for 40 years old. I started to take part in a group training environment in 2017 and lost 2 stone by 2018 and thought I was fitter by 2018. But by 2020 and my 50th Birthday I’m even fitter, in the best shape of my life.

At 50 years old I want to train every day, I feel fitter, sleep better, and have more energy than any other time of my life. Imagine what I might look like by the time I’m 60!
Group Training has no age barrier, I may be in the older age category, yet the training has kept me as fit (or fitter) than members in their 20’s and 30’s.

How has this benefited your life outside the gym/ notable achievements from your new found fitness?

Group fitness has given me a world of new friends. I feel better about my body shape.
The fitness levels have knocked 22 minutes of my half marathon times (without running training). I have had the confidence to do a Tough Mudder and 2 spartan races and started cycling for the first time in 13 years.

What are you looking forward to at J13 Fitness?

That community feeling & lots more PB’s! Being ripped when I get to 60 years old and training every day in a place that will become a second home.

Learn about what’s included and what to expect in our Group Training membership below.

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