How would you describe Group Training to someone who’s unsure what to expect?

A focused, structured session with specific coaching in a relaxed group environment. Fun and motivational if you don’t like to train on your own or want to learn how to do movements properly. You get encouraged by the rest of the group as well as the coaches. Everything is scalable and tailored to your current limits mentally and physically, until you want to or can do more.

What’s the difference between training in a commercial gym environment and training at a facility like J13 Fitness?

It is more personal. You are training with friends. You can push yourself as hard as you want and keep going through the encouragement of others. It is more of a community than a faceless commercial gym to keep fit. There is plenty of variety, no workout is the same. 

You’ve worked with our coaches for a few years. How would you describe their style of coaching?

The coaches get to know you personally and also what you need to keep improving. They are inspirational and motivate you to keep training, getting fitter, and better. They make you want to come and train. No class is the same. They are friendly and really know their stuff. If you want to know why you are doing anything just ask, otherwise just trust them and do it!

What results have you seen since beginning this type of training?

Love going to training. Feel healthier and have more energy. Feel better generally. Weight loss.

How has this benefited your life outside the gym/ notable achievements from your new found fitness?

It has created a good balance between work, home life, and everyday stresses of life. I feel like I can handle everyday things better. Don’t feel as intimidated by people.
Made lots of friends and done lots of things socially with friends outside the gym.
I train with my husband so it has been something we do together and it has made us get back to cycling.  We have done 2 spartans together and both improved our running.
I am working on the no-confidence and body hatred thing but its better than it was since training in a group environment.

What are you looking forward to at J13 Fitness?

Sense of Community. Not walking into somewhere and feel intimidated or out of place. Being coached by amazing people who enjoy what they do. Lots of PB’s. Variety of training. Getting fitter and having a good time doing it.

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