Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Dan, I’m a Husband and Dad of two little girls. I work full time as a Police Officer in Greater Manchester. I’ve always been into training and fitness predominantly in the past my focus was around combat sports namely boxing and BJJ but this was taken over when I had my second daughter and I focused more of my attention on CrossFit and more general fitness.

What were your reasons for seeking out Personal Training and what were your goals (training goals and wider goals)?

Due to work and family pressures, my fitness had dropped over the past few years and I felt like I needed a kick up the arse. I also wanted to move into a new role at work that required a higher level of fitness than most other roles. I needed to maintain strength but wanted to increase my cardiovascular fitness and speed in order to pass the initial selection process and be able to operate at the level I would need for the rest of my career and time in that role.

Why did you approach Rob specifically to help you achieve goals?

I had trained with Rob for a while and I decided that I would approach him for some more personalised training because he is easy to talk to and I felt that he was like-minded to me. I also knew that he would keep me accountable and would push me to make improvements not just make it easy for me.

What was Rob like to work closely with as a Coach?

Rob was amazing to work with. After just a few short chats we were in the gym getting to work. He was very intuitive, he knew when to push me hard and kick my arse but I believe he could also tell when it was time to take it a little easier with me dependent on my mood after work or whether I was tired or not, having a bad day, etc. He knew what I liked to do in the gym, and he was extremely good at including my favourite things within workouts but also putting in things that I was weak at and needed to work harder on.

How did Rob tailor the program and work you did to ensure you reached your specific and individual health & fitness goals?

I told Rob about what I needed and also told him about the role I wanted and what it would entail me doing routinely. He planned every session meticulously and could explain what every portion of the workout would relate to in my day to day life and new work role. It’s important for me to know exactly why I’m doing something and Rob understood this perfectly.

How did the results gained from working with Rob impact on your job, life, etc?

Working with Rob I quickly attained the level of fitness I needed and I was successful in gaining the position that I wanted at work. Not only that but I was fitter, more confident, and was happier in myself both at work and at home. I also learnt how I needed to train and workout to achieve these specific goals and it has made it far easier for me to plan my own workouts for now and in the future.

What would you say to anyone unsure about the value of having a personal trainer to help them achieve their health & fitness goals?

I found the whole experience of working with Rob and having a more tailored approach to my fitness goals was invaluable. I got so much more out of it than I thought I would, I didn’t just get the results I wanted I also learnt what I needed to do in the future.

Normally if you need any help with anything in life you generally call in a professional to provide that service, a plumber, an electrician, a financial advisor. The list is endless and I don’t think that fitness and training is any different, I saw more results, over a shorter period of time working with Rob than I ever have trained by myself and guessing as to what I needed to be doing.

Anything else to add?

I learnt that an investment in yourself is never money wasted.

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