I’ve been training for 5 or so years now. I started out in a commercial gym which met my needs to begin with. However, it very soon became quite repetitive and boring by myself. Whilst I was making progress I needed something more – I started doing CrossFit/functional fitness 2 years ago now and I’ve honestly never looked back. I joined J13 as soon as it opened, the coaches there are some of the best coaches I know, they cater to your needs and make you feel more than just another member. 
During Covid I took the opportunity to experience some private training sessions. These were tailored towards my needs, allowed me to work on my weaknesses and also improve my strengths. The private training sessions were absolutely fantastic and the best decision I made. I don’t think I could say anything more about them. 
Joe is an amazing coach, he instilled the confidence in me to progress and believe in myself. His attention to detail in the private sessions allowed me to work on things I had never noticed before, his friendly and welcoming approach made me feel relaxed throughout the entire session. Lastly, Joe has extensive knowledge (that goes above and beyond what I expected from a PT session) that he is more than happy to share with you to help improve your training and technique.
If you are considering private training sessions don’t hesitate to get in touch; if starting out in a big group is too daunting then this is a great way to meet the team and some of the members. You always walk away with more knowledge and confidence than you started with.
I would 100% recommend joining J13, whether you’ve trained before or not they sure do look after you and make you feel welcome. J13 is more than just a gym, it’s a community!!

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