Some great words from coach Michelle on how to get started in exercise.

What fears do people have when it comes to getting started with training or exercise?

There’s a lot of information out there in regards to the type of training you should be doing. Being a newbie can be overwhelming as you try to decide where is best to start and what is right for you. I’ve spoken with many people through the years who are nervous to begin their fitness journey as they fear others are watching them or they lack confidence in taking a step into a gym that can come across intimidating. There’s no need to feel self conscious, we’ve all been a beginner before. You have nothing to lose but in fact a lot to gain in taking that first step. 

What should someone focus on when just starting out or wanting to begin training or exercise?

Just turn up. The hardest part is usually getting to the gym. I’d recommend starting small and build up with your training habits. Commit to 1-2 sessions a week (or whatever you know you can definitely do) and slowly work your way up from there. Be realistic and consistent.

How do you support the people you work with to stay on track and motivated to keep up their training or exercise program?

Checking in with our clients daily to hold them accountable for their training plan for the week ahead. If they’re unable to train in the gym we look at alternatives to help keep them on track. We discuss how they’re feeling in regards to their energy levels and their recovery. Every client is different and will need their programming tweaking depending on their individual needs.

What’s the best type of training or exercise for someone just starting out?

The best type of exercise is whatever you enjoy! If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick at it for the long term. It might simply be hiking, dancing, cardiovascular training or throwing some heavy weights around. There are many different forms of exercise but one size doesn’t fit all. Find out what you enjoy and allow it to become a part of your lifestyle!

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