Lockdown for most means more time spent sedentary at home with those biscuits calling to us when we have our brew. The extra calories coupled with less movement means our weight can quickly creep up at a time of year when most of us just want to kick those 2021 goals into touch. 


Dieting is hard at the best of times but even harder when stuck at home with nothing to distract us from eating out of boredom! 


So we decided to put our nutrition challenge together for a few reasons but mainly to educate our members so that hopefully they will never “diet” again! 


In our challenge, we first of all looked at our goals. Based on those goals, we worked out the amount of calories, macronutrients and micronutrients we needed to be consuming for successful fat loss or muscle gain. 


We then taught our members how to track and how to get the most from their daily calories so that they never felt restricted or that they were missing out on any foods. We wanted to educate them to make the best possible nutrition choices for them and their individual circumstances, providing all the tools they needed for long term health and dietary success.


Dieting doesn’t need to be complicated and boring, you can still have a social life while maintaining a balanced diet. Through our flexible dieting methods our number one goal is to help our members with overall dietary adherence, which in turn, equates to sustainable and successful fat loss.


In the space of just 3 weeks our members had some amazing results and learned the tools to continue making great progress on their own…

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