The Calorie Deficit Explained.

To eat less energy (in the form of food and drink calories) than we expend (considering various different types of movements and not just exercise alone).

The theory behind fat loss is simple, eat less, move more but that doesn’t mean it is easy.

Especially when we have to take into account all the daily commitments and stresses of life, that can sometimes stand in the way between you and reaching your goal.

“Just track your calories and your macros”, may seem like sound advice but the reality is, it’s not the best way for everyone.

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Consistency: The ONLY secret to success

Once the idea of a training goal has become set in someone’s mind, they’ll usually start to draw up an action plan of their route to success.  In a heightened state of motivation to get after their new goal with vim and vigour, they go from zero to 100 immediately… “I’ll train 5 days a week, do active recovery runs on rest days and stretch every evening before bed”.  

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Mindset – “The new norm”

Take a second to define your perception of normal.

Truth is, there is no constant normal. Normal is your environment, at that given moment. I had gone from the comfort of my barracks in sleepy Rutland, training twice a day and playing with fast jets, to living on high alert with a weapon system strapped to my leg permanently for 6 months; literally overnight. This is not to brag, this is to say that often the most rewarding experiences and situations are those you are thrust into at an explosive pace, with little time to adjust, so rather than mull over the safest course of action you react instinctively. In human nature it is widely accepted that there are two natural reactions, fight or flight.

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J13 Members Nutrition Challenge – The Results

Lockdown for most means more time spent sedentary at home with those biscuits calling to us when we have our brew. The extra calories coupled with less movement means our weight can quickly creep up at a time of year when most of us just want to kick those 2021 goals into touch.

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Goals and Targets (Rudders and Oars)

Have we missed the boat discussing goal setting 3 weeks into 2021? We could be mistaken for being late to the party, I mean, you’re already smashing your goals, aren’t you?

So, how’s it going? Dropped 20lb’s, en route to your first million, got that promotion?

Yeah, in all honesty probably not. So, let me ask a better question…

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