Discover A Better Way To Train


GREATER FLEXIBILITY INCREASED FOCUS - Choose from 9 classes each day through the week and extra classes on a Saturday.


EXPANDED STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROGRAMS- Full strength and metcon sessions to accelerate strength gains and take your conditioning to the next level.


GROUP TRAINING INDIVIDUAL FOCUS - We aim to individualise your experience & personalise your training bias so you get the results you want.

Program Breakdown


A full body strength workout every session. 

Complete and well rounded strength is a vital element of training. It’s the foundation of all other fitness components and is key to training longevity. We’ll focus on the major compound movements plus all necessary assistance work. 

As a result you’ll benefit from accelerated strength gains, smash through plateaus and significantly reduce the risk of niggling injuries. 

If you want to work towards bodyweight pull ups and other gymnastics movements, add some serious weight to your lifts and shift heavier loads during metcon workouts then this class should be a major factor in your training.


All out conditioning sessions and metcon workouts. 

This is a session dedicated to your WOD’s. 

Be prepared for those engines to be ramped up to the next level. 

We’ll hit WOD specific warm ups, mobility and priming work and then its full steam ahead into the workout of the day. 

There’ll be longer workouts or a series of shorter conditioning pieces all designed to improve your fitness capacity across all energy systems. Embrace the sweat and enjoy the extra calorie burn.


Perfect the technical elements of the Olympic lifts – Clean & Jerk and Snatch – and when combined with the improved gains from strength class, you have the recipe for success in the form of new PB’s. 

Not only that but the increased weight on the bar and increased efficiency of movement means only great things for your metcon workouts too.


You’ve developed the strength now achieve the body control to perform kipping variations of bodyweight gymnastics movements. 

This class is full of drills and skills to scale up and condition your rig work and handstand push ups


For those who love to train Strong Man style. It’s full of odd object, raw strength, grip intensive training with a mixture of traditional lifting work and event style workouts.


Perfect if you’ve got your sights set on a medium to long distance event and need to build up your distances – or if you just love to run! A great way to kick off your weekend, stretch the legs and open up the lungs.

The Need To Knows

  • New timetable kicks in week commencing 14th March 


  • 9:30 & 12:00 will remain as FIT class – a combination of the strength and metcon classes that day. 


  • Funday Friday & Engine workouts aren’t going anywhere!  You and your favourite training buddy will still get to throwdown together.


  • You can book single sessions, do back-to-back Strength & Metcon classes, or manage your training volume and fatigue by alternating between strength and metcon days. The choice is yours.


  • Our programs will follow a structure so you’ll be able to target the sessions in line with your current goals. 


  • Come and talk to us about your goals – we’ll be able to make recommendations about your training bias, training volume and anything else to support you towards your goals.