J13 Fitness experience

enhanced by MYZONE

J13 uses Myzone technology to motivate members and maximise the enjoyment and effectiveness of their training.

Myzone monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising in real time and converts that into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs).

It rewards effort not fitness, motivating our members to reach their personal bests.

The versatile system motivates and encourages our members to reach their personal bests by earning MEPs for virtually any activity, including running, cycling and functional fitness to name a few.

Myzone shows live workout stats via the app, on your smart watch and directly on to the big screen at J13.

The Myzone App

The Myzone Tile is your all-in-one exercise tracking tool, allowing you to see your name, calories burned, current effort level, heart rate, and MEPs. By viewing your live tile or watching the live group display at J13, you can easily see whether you should be working harder or giving yourself a rest.

Challenge yourself or friends

Set yourself up for success by creating personal goals via the Myzone app. As you exercise, you can see if you’re on track to meet your ‘Monthly Target’. This information is displayed in the ‘My Stats’ portion of the app. If the outer ring of the circle is red, you are behind on your personal goal. If the outer ring of the circle is green, you are on track to meet your personal goal.

Myzone status level

Your Myzone status is determined by how consistent you are with your exercise on a monthly basis. If you earn 1300 MEPs or Myzone Effort Points in a month, you meet the minimum requirement for the physical activity specified by the World Health Organization and you make progress towards the next Myzone status level. Your status number indicates how many months in a row you have achieved the 1300 MEPs on your current status. If you do not hit at least 1300 MEPs for any given month, your status will drop down to 0 (you maintain your current status, but lose any months you have gained towards attaining the next status).



Compare and congratulate J13 members on workouts and even create group challenges amongst your friends.


Communicate privately with J13 members via the MZChat feature within the Myzone app.


By viewing your daily, weekly and monthly progress, you’ll stay informed and on track to meet your fitness goals.


Review, comment and ‘thumbs up’ your social connections workouts via the Home feed.


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