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No commitment from you. No half measures from us.
We’re convinced that once you’ve sampled life at J13 you’ll want to stay.
A choice of 50 sessions times a week in our state of the art gym. Be part of our close training community and train at a time that suits you.
The foundation of getting the results you want is experienced, caring, knowledgeable coaching every visit. Fortunately our coaches are the best around.
Train with welcoming, supportive & inspiring people. You won’t just go to the gym, you’ll be part of it!



Sign up and pay for your 30 Day Trial.
Our team will call you to arrange your first visit.


Experience first hand the J13 way and fall in love with your training.


30 days of membership, that’s it! It’s your chance to sample what we do in full so you’re best placed to make a decision as to whether we’re the gym for you.

It’s completely up to you. After your trial we’ll help you find the right membership for your needs or if you decide not to continue with us, that’s ok too! By the end of your 30 days you’ll know if you’re ready to commit.

We have a number of different membership options available starting from £95 per month – all no contract, no minimum term. You can view all our different membership options here.

It doesn’t matter what point you’re starting at, we’re here to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be in the future. Everyone was a beginner once and it’s our job to guide you through your training no matter what your ability or experience. 


  • An outstanding gym with an outstanding set of coaches that has made a complete crossfit and lifting novice feel so welcome and involved straight from the get go. I feel that my fitness and technique has improved so much in the short time that I have been at J13 and that is testament to the excellent coaching. The members are incredibly friendly and welcoming, they have made joining a crossfit gym, which I feared may be intimidating, incredibly easy. Everyone there wants the same thing; to work hard, make progress and enjoy the social side of it. If you are even half thinking of trying crossfit then you should 100% give J13 a go. Worth every penny!

    Andrew Quinn Avatar Andrew Quinn

    I’ve never really enjoyed group session as I always felt a mixture of both being self conscious that everyone’s watching me or that the classes are only catered to a certain level of fitness! However I joined J13 and I’ve never looked back, the coaches are extremely knowledgeable, motivational, approachable and friendly, they have created a community within there gym where everyone supports each other. The classes are fantastic, they are varied, challenging and the suit every level of fitness. There’s always classes available for you to join onto during the day and you can always guarantee a warm welcome when you arrive! They even host BBQ’s for the members and their families when the weathers good!

    Rachel Bedford Avatar Rachel Bedford
  • Although this gym is not open at the time of writing this I can honestly say this place will be amazing. I have been coached by both Rob & Michelle in the past and their programming is superb and I cannot wait to start training there.

    Nick McCormick Avatar Nick McCormick

    BEST GYM EVER!!! I don't know where I would be without this gym. Not only are they there for you to help you exercise and de-stress from the day but they're also there for your emotional and mental needs too! Rob, Miche, Shiv, Joe and Tom are best coaches around. Its a really welcoming and friendly environment. I absolutely love going to the this gym and thats all because of the coaches, environment and members! Big thanks to everyone!!!

    Robyn Dyson Avatar Robyn Dyson
  • J13 is a good place to be, It's full of light minded people who are all there to release some stress but have fun while doing it! The coaches are friendly and have great knowledge. All abilities are welcome and each individuals growth is celebrated. Good place to spend your free time 🙂

    Rosie Egan Avatar Rosie Egan

    Clean, great equipment, knowledgeable, friendly coaches! Who always have your best interests at heart. Push you when you need it & coach you when you need it, everyone else who goes is equally as lovely! X

    Fiona Partington Avatar Fiona Partington
  • Fantastic place to train and develop. As a beginner to this type of training, the coaches have been phenomenal in terms of their knowledge, patience and attention to detail. A really inclusive and positive environment, with great facilities and a handy app to manager your class timetable. Highly recommended.

    Sean O'Connor Avatar Sean O'Connor

    Absolutely love being a member of J13 for so many reasons other than just getting fit - fantastic facilities, programming and an array of varying classes to name just a few. Coaches Rob, Miche and Shiv are experienced, knowledgeable, super friendly, and make you feel completely part of the community from day one - It's clear to see why so many members followed them from the previous gym. There's always a positive atmosphere here - members and coaches alike are all so welcoming and make you realise your full potential during every workout. When you join J13 you're definitely not just a number in a gym but a valued member surrounded by like-minded people.

    Lucy Grayson Avatar Lucy Grayson
  • Absolutely brilliant gym. Siobhan, Rob, Miche, Joe and Tom are awesome. So welcoming and knowledgeable! Thanks to them and the rest of the members I look forward to my 6am class every day and have started doing things I never thought I could (like lifting atlas stones). Lovely environment, gorgeous changing rooms and small and independent enough to care about all of us. Thanks guys for making being fit easy.

    Kerry McAtkin Avatar Kerry McAtkin

    The Coaches are excellent and know their stuff, they used to coach me at a previous gym. They are the main reason ill be following them to their new gym.

    David Freeman Avatar David Freeman
  • Joined J13 in April and it’s one of the best things I’ve done in years! World class is how I would describe the team and facilities ,so attentive and really care about every member. Great variety, challenging but so enjoyable. A real friendly environment with a great membership and everyone is made so welcome. Michelle , Rob and the team are as I say simply world class - can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Paul Smith Avatar Paul Smith

    Been coached by Rob, Michelle and Siobhan for a while now, so when Rob opened J13 it was a no brainer to join. Fantastic coaches, great programming, awesome members. Literally something for everyone and any ability. Absolutely love it there already.

    Matthew Charlesworth Avatar Matthew Charlesworth
  • Lovely, welcoming gym with coaching that is second to none. All sessions are varied and I now absolutely love going to the gym because of the members there and also the coaches. Don’t really know where I’d be without it nowadays!

    Paul Greenhalgh Avatar Paul Greenhalgh

    The coaches at J13 are not only welcoming and friendly, they have top quality experience and knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Robs programming can be adapted to all levels and abilities making you feel comfortable but also push yourself through the group classes. I am currently following a personalised program set by Michelle, and 2 weeks into it I am already feeling fitter and healthier. I regularly check in with Michelle who then sets my next weeks program based on my progress.

    Kikka Dunn Avatar Kikka Dunn
  • Such as great community and Fantastic coaching!

    Ian C Avatar Ian C

    I've had ACL surgery on both my knees forcing me to give up my hobby of roller derby. I struggled to find somewhere else I felt at home with exercise. until J13. they have supported me through rehab and pushed me to achieve things I didn't think I would be able to do again ☺️ ALL the coaches are just amazing and I would 100% recommend.

    Jenny Osman Avatar Jenny Osman
  • This new training facility is going to be the next best thing around the worsley area. Having been coached by Rob and Michelle for the last 5 years I can tell you that you are in for a treat and well worth every penny. What you can expect is knowledgeable individuals who genuinely care for your development on your fitness journey. Everything is adaptable and can be catered for people of all levels. This place will be more than a gym. It will be a home from home where by you will be welcomed into a community of like minded people who work hard and play hard.

    nicky jackson Avatar nicky jackson

    I joined J13 a year ago, having never lifted a barbell or done exercise like this before. Since then, I have exceeded the WHO minimum guidelines for exercise every month, I have lost 50lbs in weight (but definitely gained muscle!) and I can proudly say that I have taken 160kg for a walk. It's hard to explain how much this place has changed my life, both physically and mentally for the better. If you are thinking about trying but are maybe a bit nervous, please come down and give it a go because you couldn't meet a nicer, more supportive bunch of people and the coaches are all absolutely amazing!!

    Eleanor Mintram Avatar Eleanor Mintram
  • Great quality facility with amazing coaches. Sessions suitable for all levels of ability and fitness.

    Adam Blamire Avatar Adam Blamire

    Wouldn't know where we'd be without J13, we work hard and need to exercise to help our mental health and have a break from work. The coaches are brilliant, everyone is super friendly and makes you feel welcome. You feel like you're having 121 training during every session and I like that it's not big. They have more time to concentrate on the clients that they have rather than having to spread themselves across more people. Thanks J13

    Roe & Co Residential Sales Avatar Roe & Co Residential Sales

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We aim to offer a gym experience that provides real, everyday people like you with the guidance you need to achieve unrivalled results.

Enjoyment is at the very heart of what we do.

We’re convinced that once you’ve sampled life as a J13 member you’ll want to stay, so why not start with 30 days commitment free.